Peter Lukursky

Peter Lukursky

I was born and bred in Australia and educated in Mechanical Engineering (BE University of Sydney) and Law (LLB QUT). I have been sailing and recording my adventures on YouTube for 7 years and they have been dramatic years to say the least. I have had to deal with a sinking boat and being stranded off an inhospitable coastline in Northern Australia, a lightning strike smashing a hole in the bottom of another boat and a 3 hour battle to save it from sinking and a 71 day exile at sea when the world shut down and refused us entry into any port down during Covid. 71 days is a long time to live off the very dangerous Nicaraguan coastal islands with very little food and water. I have passed through storms, dodged hurricane Bonnie by 100 miles while sailing alone in the Caribbean and dealt with contracting Covid while being alone for 3 weeks off the jungles of Northeast Panama surviving on just 4 rotten pineapples. With all of this and more in my recent past I believe I have what it takes to see this challenge through.

Our Motivation

With climate change as an ever-increasing threat, we owe it to the planet and to our children’s future to undertake ventures such as this. To challenge boundaries and to show it can be done and to get these ideas mainstream.

What is the Elcano Challenge

In a nutshell; to sail the world carbon free.


The Elcano Challenge was conceived by the famous Jimmy Cornell, a man that has been pivotal in the sailing community for more than 40 years. It was named after Juan Sebastion Elcanco, the navigator of the Magellan Voyage who completed the world’s first circumnavigation in 1522, 500 years ago.

Of course, for many hundreds of years, people have sailed the world carbon free but in order for the general sailing public to wholly embrace the concept in the present, it needs to be done in reasonable comfort and at reasonable cost. To prove this, Jimmy set sail in a fully electric modern boat with modern conveniences in 2021. Unfortunately, after careful monitoring of the boat’s systems, and only after 3 weeks, he believed they would not succeed with their current design, and he abandoned the project. This should not be taken as proof that it cannot be done. There were many reasons for the abandonment of their project. We believe we can do it better. We have done the research, we have refined the boat design, the time is ripe for another challenge.

Our Project

Essentially the project has 4 parts. These are:

  1. To build a lightweight aluminum sailing catamaran.
    • I have the necessary qualifications and experience on the practical side to build the catamaran.
  2. Incorporate Green Technology from the ground up.
    • Researching the green technology and separating the marketing hype from the facts is going to be a big part of the project. Indeed, this is where I believe one of Jimmy Cornell’s suppliers let him down which was the primary reason that he abandoned his challenge.
  3. To sail successfully around the world with the use of this Green Technology alone.
    • Sailing is simply going to be the enjoyable part of the project which is what I have been doing for the past 14 years.
  4. Document this as a web series showing all the trials and tribulations of the crew and the equipment along the way.
    • My YouTube channel “Sailing into Freedom” has 120,000 subscribers which is enough to get the message out there.

    But this project is too big for one person. There must be a team.